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The Coral Pie Premier League

| 24.04.2017

We’re searching far and wide to find the Premier League’s top pie!

Pies and football. They go hand in hand like steak and ale, chicken and leek, and even venison and wine. A matchday pie is part of football’s culture – but are Premier League fans getting a good deal when it comes to pastry treats? Help us find out and you could win a hamper of delectable goodies from Piglets Pantry and don’t forget to check out the latest Premier League odds at our Sportsbook!

The Coral Pie Price Map

We want to know which home ground has the upper crust when it comes to this classic stadium snack. Our first slice of insight is price.


Using data taken from the annual BBC Price of Football study, our maps shows the average cost of a pie from the 2016/17 Premier League stadiums.

Chelsea sells pies for a tasty £2.50. A pie from West Ham, on the other hand, will set you back a shocking £4.10. No matter which way you slice it, though, all the other Premier League stadiums sit around the £3.50 mark.

Opinion from the experts

Price is just one small slice of the big pie picture so we asked the experts to help us out. Although they might not have eaten all the pies quite yet, these are the people who have scoffed a fair few. So, have they got a penchant for an artisan chicken and mushroom, a classic Pukka, or does their pie preference lie elsewhere?

“It’s all about focusing on the quality of the pie and considering whether it’s real value for money,” says Rob Spurling from Pierate Pie Reviews. “Price is actually pretty irrelevant really and only comes into it if different clubs are selling the same pie at the same quality level, which is definitely not the case! Some pies are top quality and deserve to charge more, whereas others are not worth the money you pay.”

Rob’s top-rated pie is from Man City. At £4 it’s one of the most expensive, but Rob argues that it’s well worth the price. “If a pie is expensive, but tasty, then that’s better than a cheap and terrible one. In general terms, the better-quality pies seem to cost more, which does make sense in terms of the fact that it costs more to put in actual decent pieces of meat!”

Martin Tarbuck from Life of Pies also agrees and argues that a stadium pie should incorporate structural integrity while nodding to local fare.

“I’ve been campaigning for years for my local team, Wigan, to use local suppliers that sing the praises of our surrounding community – that is what really makes a stadium pie. Controversially, I’ll pick up a pasty if at Bristol stadium, which technically isn’t a pie by nature but hey, when in Rome!”

He continues; “You’re unlikely to be sitting down with a knife and fork to eat your pie so ideally I’m looking for sturdiness, the right ratio of pastry to meat and something authentic.”

Which stadium do you think serves pie-fection with their combination of flavours, quality and price? Tell us for a chance to win a food hamper.

Piglets Pantry pie photo shoot 31st July 2015.

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