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Premier League’s best pie can be found in West Midlands

| 23.07.2017

The results of the Coral Pie Premier League are in…

The great Coral Pie Premier League has finally concluded and the results are in. We asked Premier League football fans from across the country what matchday snack they prefer, which is best and much more to determine who will be crowned champ – and we got some pretty surprising answers.

Many would associate the north of England with top quality pies, but it turns out the best pie in the Premier League can be found in the West Midlands. Take a look at our video below to reveal who won the 2017 Coral Pie Premier League…

That’s right, if you want a top class piece of Premier League pastry, then you need to get yourself down to The Hawthorns. Other clubs scored highly too, so we’ve outlined the Top 5 below:

1st West Brom

west brom badge

2nd Watford

Watford badge

3rd Manchester City

manchester city new badge 1

4th Stoke City

Stoke City badge

5th Burnley

Burnley FC badge 1

We didn’t just find the Premier League’s best tasting pie though. Our research revealed so much more about fans’ choices of matchday snack, including their favourite pie filling. Read on to find out more…

London the burger capital


It’s clear from our results that punters heading to games in the capital are more likely to enjoy a half-time burger over anything else. Perhaps they put something special in the meat?

A quarter of Arsenal fans said that their snack of choice would be a burger, with 27.84% of Chelsea fans also in the same boat. A third of Crystal Palace fans prefer a patty at the match as do 41.18% of West Ham fans. Tottenham buck the London trend, with 40% stating that their snack of choice would be chips/fries.

The love of a meat-filled bun continues as you head further south, with 40% of Southampton fans stating they would pick up a burger at the game, as would 42.86% of Bournemouth fans.

Pie-high in the north 

twitter image 800x400

Rather unsurprisingly, the north stands by the epitome of working class football – the half-time pie.

Over 38% of Everton fans stated that they prefer to have a puff pastry at Goodison Park, with over 63% giving their club a solid 4/5 in terms of the quality of their pies. Hull City fans are lovers of pastries also, with 50% saying that they prefer it as their snack of choice.

Stoke City continue to boost the modest pie’s reputation up north, with 66.67% saying they would choose one over any other half-time treat. The Potters seem to be onto a winner with their pastries too, gaining an average score of 4.33/5 in terms of quality.

Liverpool fans don’t follow the northern trend though, with nearly a quarter stating that their snack of choice at Anfield would be chips/fries.

Loyal fans prefer Steak & Ale filling

stoke fan pie

A really interesting correlation from our results suggests that the more loyal a Premier League football fan is, the more like they are to prefer steak and ale as their pie flavour of choice.

Fans who attend an average of one game a month or one game a week (Everton, Hull City and Stoke City) all prefer steak and ale over any other flavours. Man City are the exception to the rule, with over 36% of fans stating their flavour of choice as chicken and mushroom.

Perhaps it’s a Manchester thing, since United fans also stated chicken and mushroom as their preferred flavour. However, the majority of less loyal fans (those who stated that they never attend matches) also selected chicken and mushroom as their favourite pie filling.

A third of Middlesbrough fans said they don’t attend any games at the Riverside, with 50% of the total amount of fans selecting chicken and mushroom as their preferred flavour. A third of Spurs fans also said they don’t set foot in White Hart Lane and guess what flavour they prefer? Yep, 33% selected chicken and mushroom as their filling of choice.

Majority of fans don’t think a pasty is a pie 


A question that would cause uproar in pie havens such as Wigan, we asked Premier League football fans whether they think a pasty is a pie.

Almost 52% of Arsenal fans replied ‘Yes’, with over 57% of Burnley fans also stating they think a pasty counts as a pie. Some fans can’t decide, with Man City and Watford fans split straight down the middle on this issue, but things are far clearer for other fans.

A whopping 100% of Middlesbrough fans asked said that they think a pasty is NOT a pie and the majority of fans agree, with over 78.5% of Everton fans of the same opinion. Stoke City fans also clearly have a strong stance on this, with 87.5% replying ’No’.

West Brom fans also don’t think a pasty is a pie, with 70% replying ‘No’ and 75% of fans of other clubs outside of the Premier League also agreeing.

What’s your favourite pie filling? Leave a comment below and let us know the club you support, how often you go the game, your snack of choice and your favourite pie filling now!





Daniel McKeown